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What we do

We’re in the business of legal analysis. We work for and with the European Commission to make sure, among other things, that EU legislation really benefits citizens by checking that directives have been properly integrated into national law.

Our main services

Compliance assessments

Including both completeness checks to assess whether a directive has been transposed in its entirety in the Member States concerned and conformity checks to determine whether national implementation measures are compatible with all its obligations.

Codification of existing EU law

Bringing an existing legislative act and its amendments into one consolidated new act to simplify EU law and make it more accessible.

Evaluation and case studies

Assessing the practical application of EU legislation. The outcome of these studies helps foster an informed debate of the future of specific policy areas.

Policy areas

Our experienced team of over 70 multilingual lawyers covers all EU policy areas. Areas of expertise include:

  • Citizenship
  • Company law
  • Competition law
  • Criminal law
  • Energy law
  • Financial services in the internal market
  • Fundamental rights
  • Health law
  • Immigration and migration law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Public procurement
  • Transport law

With experts across Europe, guided by an experienced Brussels-based team of lawyers, Tipik Legal is a one-stop shop for the most challenging of legislative requirements

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