Our work involves simplifying European legislation, making it more accessible, as well as examining its implementation in the Member States

Evaluation and case studies

We conduct evaluation studies, commissioned by the EU institutions, on the practical application of EU legislation. These help produce an evidence-based judgment of the extent to which the EU measures have been effective, efficient, relevant to needs and objectives, and coherent with other EU policy interventions. The outcome of these studies helps open an informed debate on possible further developments of EU policy areas.

The policy areas we have already covered are: EU company law and governance; EU citizenship; and EU return policy and judicial cooperation.

Compliance assessment 

We also support the Commission in examining the implementation of EU legislation, which is fundamental to ensuring legal certainty and the correct enforcement of the acquis communautaire.
Compliance covers all the Member States and their national legal systems, with assessments carried out in all the official EU languages. Results of the assessments are presented in reports. Our areas of expertise include:

  • fundamental rights;
  • immigration and residence law and policies;
  • criminal law;
  • consumer protection;
  • commercial law;
  • energy and transport law and policy;
  • public health and food safety;
  • financial services in the internal market;
  • intellectual property;
  • public procurement, specifically related to the field of defence and security;
  • environmental policies, specifically related to fuel consumption.


As part of the European Commission’s Codification project, we work to make EU law more transparent and accessible. This entails bringing together a legislative act and all its amendments into a single consolidated new act. The new act passes through the full legislative process and replaces the act being codified.

Our experts cover all the official languages of the EU. We work directly with the European Commission, covering areas which include: agriculture and fisheries, the internal market, energy, enterprise and environment.