Our philosophy

Different nationalities, languages and cultures – Tipik Legal’s team enjoys a wealth of diversity

We at Tipik Legal believe that both our legal competence and our multicultural and multilingual identity mark the foundation and strength of our team as a whole.

Being a team of more than 75 legal experts, we take pride in our rich and dynamic working culture and the diversity of our identities:

  • We come from all four corners of Europe;
  • We represent all 28 Member States;
  • We speak more than 30 languages; and
  • We have previous professional experience in both the private and public sectors.

While team spirit is important, individual development is also encouraged – building on our diversity, we strengthen individual competences, reinforcing the social cohesion and spirit of the team.

“Being a legal consultant at Tipik Legal has two dimensions: firstly, it is a great opportunity to work close to the European institutions and expand my knowledge in European and Polish law; and secondly, it is a unique working experience, surrounded by determined and inspiring colleagues coming from all over Europe, who are eager to share their culture, traditions and knowledge.”

Magdalena, Poland