Our areas of expertise encompass a wide range of skills and policy areas

By tracking legal developments and identifying opportunities, we provide strategic advice on EU legislation, national legal systems and compliance programmes. Our areas of expertise cover the whole spectrum of EU policy domains, creating a mutually reinforcing understanding of EU law as a whole within the team.

Legal watch

Our objective is to monitor all types of EU legislation across the Member States. We follow the most recent developments through working groups and attend seminars, conferences and training workshops in order to further develop our existing pool of knowledge.

Legal analysis

This is the key component of our work. Thanks to our diverse and varied areas of specialisation, we are able to interpret the complexities of both EU and national legislation – our experts have a sound understanding of the EU acquis communautaire, their own national systems, as well as at least one other legal system from studies and work experience abroad.

Comparative studies

From research to information analysis, we compare national legislation with EU legislation. This requires both expertise, to envisage all possible interpretations and consequences of an act, as well as attention to detail, to spot any slight difference in the scope and effects of the legislation under analysis.

Legal terminology

Our legal experts ensure they have an up-to-date and in-depth understanding of the different nuances of legal terminology as it is employed across Europe when harmonising and putting EU legislation into perspective.